Investment incentives

Investment incentives in various economic sectors

tik the possibility of assigmenting the national lands with particular conditions in the form of the implementation of the plan for investing in various economic sectors.

tik the are experienced experts in the agricultural sector for the provision of consultation and appropriate training

tik calculation of electricity and water tariffs tourist installations in accordance with the industrial tariffs

tik paying the interst subsidy and commission of the bank facilities for the projects of tourism investments

tik presentation the subsidy in order to complete the infrastructure of water, electricity and gas for the plans of tourism

tik annual tax exemption to the 50% after completion of the plans of tourism

tik the province’s partnership in implementation the required infrastructures and using low-interest loans in order to construct agricultural, greenhouse and animal husbandry towns

tik The are exchange facilities from the National Development Fund with the appropriate conditions (share the applicant brought 10%,4% annual interest , facilities and the repayment facilities 10 years, including years of partnership and 7- year repayment period ).

tik Using 100% from customer exemption in order to inter foreign machinery

tik Using from the tax exemption for 10 years.

tik there are numerous towns, industrial areas and the lands with proper situation in the province which are prepare to assignment ( discount 60% price of land and the remaining by installments. recive costs installation in cash payments that In cash 30% The remaining the payment is 3 years old. issuing documents formal ownership units located in industrial estates and the possibility of mortgaging the above-mentioned document in order to reciveing the bank loans by offering prospectus land allocation as an registration document accepted by banks